Dr Kendall Quoted in Mito Donation (3 person baby) media release

admin  ∼  February 19, 2015

Dr Fran Kendall's medical practice's VMP Latest News webpage

 Dr Fran Kendall is quoted in a MitoAction news release on an IVF technique called “mitochondrial donation” that would allow women to avoid passing on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations to their children and to future generations.

“For families who have long dealt with the devastating recurrence risks and burden of multiple affected children and family members associated with mtDNA mutations causing a host of incurable diseases, this breakthrough offers them the hope of healthy children and one way to eradicate a number of these non-treatable, progressive, fatal diseases,” says Fran Kendall MD, a geneticist and mitochondrial medicine expert affiliated with the University of Georgia and owner of VMP Genetics in Atlanta, GA. “While these scientific advances are not immune to greater discussions involving the ethics and morals of ‘genetic engineering,’ the positive aspects provided to this long-suffering patient population outweighs those issues, in my opinion.” -

Click here for the full media release.