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Podcast Interview with Dr Fran Kendall, Author of Shades of Grief

Shades of Grief with Dr. Kendall
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Episode 087

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Dr. Fran Kendall is the Founder of VMP Genetics. As a geneticist, she has supported mitochondrial patients for the last three decades. She has also written a book called Shades of Grief which highlights her personal struggles with grief through her professional work as a geneticist.


What was the inspiration for your book, Shades of Grief?
I have always been interested in writing and I've been writing since I was young. The inspiration for this book, specifically, started with my patient population and my friends encouraged me to compile the manuscript and share my personal journey to help others work through grief. There have been many patients who have touched me profoundly over the course of my career. The story is complex, not only about patients but that if we as physicians connect with patients, we become an integral part of their lives.

In the mitochondrial community, dealing with genetic-related diseases, would you agree that they typically deal with compounding grief?
When it comes to genetic disorders, it often affects more than one family member, and sometimes multiple generations. That grief is heavy and crushing, especially after the loss of several family members or the loss of a child.

Through all of your work with patients and the grief you've experienced professionally and personally in your life, what helps you get through everything?
I think the most important thing is to embrace people important to you. Don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy the small things. In the day-to-day, find time for quiet moments and honor your own needs. My parents inspired me to love, be loved, and be of service to others-- the guiding principles I hold onto.


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