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New to the community? Quick Mitochondrial Overview

Today's factoid is for those new to the community: The energy producing pathway known as the electron transport chain or respiratory chain, is embedded within the mitochondrial inner membrane. Utilizing the chemical breakdown product of food, along with oxygen & phosphate, the five complexes of the respiratory chain convert these compounds into ATP, the unit of energy utilized throughout the body to complete bodily functions. This process is known as oxidative phosphorylation. Malfunctioning mitochondria, due to gene defects or other damage to the mitochondria, result in decreased energy production and increased free radical damage leading to cell injury & death. Tissues most affected are central nervous system, kidneys, heart, liver, muscle and the G.I. tract. Antioxidants like CoQ 10 & others cannot cure these disorders because they cannot "sop up" enough "rouge" electrons that escape defective energy pathways to prevent ongoing tissue damage.


Fran Kendall, M.D.

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