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Remote Second Opinions

We pioneered remote services in rare genetics before there was a term for it. VMP stands for Virtual Medical Practice.

The majority of our patients are seen face to face with Dr Kendall in our clinical office just outside Atlanta, Georgia. While it is always preferable to have a face-to-face in office appointment that lasts 60-90 minutes one on one with Dr Kendall, we understand that some of our patients may experience traveling challenges which makes a remote second opinion or telemedicine an option for them. Unlike typical stale second opinions, we schedule Dr Kendall to consult with you one on one for at least an hour or more via telephone or Zoom. Our novel approach has allowed Dr Kendall to help people from Europe to Hong Kong and South Africa to Anchorage. 

In the past, because of the rarity of these disorders and the lack of specialists to care for the population, many patients were required to travel far distances to see a medical expert -- losing wages and engendering airfare, hotel, and other travel costs.  Others were bed-bound or simply could not travel resulting in no access to necessary medical information and care.  “Many areas of the country do not have qualified specialists.  Those specialists have limited or no experience at all with these disorders,” explained Dr. Kendall. Understanding the disease process, being aware of and knowledgeable in the latest testing technologies, and implementing preventative measures can have a drastic impact not only on the quality of life for an affected individual but on their healthcare costs in general.  Gaining access to a specialist in this area of medicine is vital. 

We also offer hybrid telemedicine options where a patient is seen in the office once every two years and has telemedicine consults between those 2 years which drastically reduces the travel expenses & time off of work, but also the physical toll that travel can inflict on medically fragile patients. 

“Not all areas of medicine are amenable to this model,” says Dr. Kendall.  “However, a large component of genetics involves education and that can be done by enabling the patient to "travel" to the specialist's office utilizing technology.”

“I am very excited about the widespread impact our model has created for patients and their quality of life.  Instead of limiting a patient to a practice that is local to them, technology allows patients to travel to a specialist uniquely qualified in the specific area of medicine that they require. Overall, we are able to provide more care to a greater number of patients at a dramatically lower cost to the healthcare system.” Dr. Kendall relayed. 

We will be honored to listen to your case and discuss how we may be able to help. To learn more, please email mjk at, call 404.793.7800 ext 702, or use the Contact tab on this website.