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Physician Support Services

There is a crisis in metabolic medicine in the US and abroad. There are simply not enough metabolic clinicians to address the clinical demand of patients with proven and suspected inborn errors of metabolism. In fact, it is estimated that there are only about 100 practicing biochemical geneticists in this country (not including certified lab professionals and researchers). From a clinical perspective, it is believed that about 50% of the metabolic clinics on this continent (large and small) are managed by providers with no formal training in metabolic disease. Add to that the fact that over 1,200 new cases are identified by newborn screening each year, putting pressure on existing clinics in all states of the union.

VMP has 4 renowned Clinical Biochemical Geneticists available to provide Physician to Physician metabolic support services, all without the headaches of recruitment, retention, benefits, or credentialing. Our 24/7 on-call or consulting support is customized to seamlessly integrate with your clinical program and can be quickly ramped up or down as needs change.

Physician to Physician metabolic support service benefits:

  • Genetic or metabolic clinics
  • ICUs and emergency departments
  • Newborn screening follow-up programs
  • Helps prevent staff burnout
  • Faculty absences or vacations
  • Sudden or planned staff vacancies

Consultations can include any combination of the following options, as appropriate for the case and the needs of the treating clinician: 

  • A summary of the case from a metabolic perspective, with a focus on the pertinent issues
  • A differential diagnosis when the diagnosis is not known or a list of possible causes of concern to account for problems in known metabolic cases 
  • Assistance with diagnostic or investigative testing
  • A prioritized treatment plan
  • A plan for follow-up based on the outcome of testing or response to intervention
  • A discussion of relevant new advances as appropriate to the case

Case Studies:

  • A solo biochemical geneticist for a major metabolic center and a referral center for the state’s newborn screening program require fluctuating support and respite. Click here for the case study. 
  • Physician support and education have ramped up and down over 6 years as the facility lost and hired new faculty. Click here for the case study.
  • Physician support coverage has been adjusted throughout the contract to meet the fluctuating schedule needs of the hospital. Click here for the case study.

Call VMP and learn how “telemetabolics” can serve your program’s clinical and workforce needs.

A Few Testimonials:Y

VMP is an integral part of our metabolic genetics team for new consults, inpatients, and outpatient clinic. They are an excellent support service for our doctors, nurse practitioners, and dietitians who provide individualized assessments, recommendations, plans, and follow up care. The education provided on each case is above and beyond what is expected and with a clear and concise strategy to tackle undiagnosed inborn errors of metabolism and known diagnoses. 


NP in a metabolic clinic


You helped save my program! One of my goals was to keep my practice running until I can get more metabolic help, so having time off call while you provide coverage is important for me. I also needed to have a clear head to manage the complex cases that come in, so again, time off helped avoid burnout. I feel comfortable when you are providing call for X. He has a good understanding of metabolic genetics and has your help for complex cases.

Dr B

Chair of Genetics


Our institution has used VMP for 6 yrs and I have personally used VMP services for 4 years. My experience has been beyond amazing. VMP’s medical knowledge and expertise to provide guidance has helped me save many lives. During the last three years I have faced complex metabolic emergencies and the support I received from VMP has helped my patients to have a good outcome. I read extensively about metabolic disorders. Patients may not fit what has been published and treatment interventions may not be the same for everyone. VMP physicians have many years of experience and have helped me come up with management interventions unique to my patient’s situation. VMP consultants are talented educators and not only help you with recommendations but also help you understand the mechanism, pathophysiology, and recognize ultra-rare metabolic flags that may not be in books or easily available in medical literature. VMP has provided my institution with physician support, consultation, educational presentations, and interpretation of challenging NBS. Their program has been lifesaving to our institution. I am thankful for all the support provided to me and for understanding I am not alone in the unpredictable scenarios I have faced. 

Dr E

Clinical Genetics


VMP's consulting services are invaluable.  Not only do they provide highly specialized advisement for a unique patient population, but their consultants also educate the entire team requesting help and provide a detailed explanation of their thought process.  As a dietitian, I learn from every encounter with VMP regarding the management of these rare disorders. 


Registered dietitian in a metabolic clinic


I continue to be amazed at the thought process. 


Clinical Genetics


VMP has taken many steps to go above and beyond as a consultant. In one instance, our VMP consultant was attending a conference a few weeks after our consult was completed. They went to a lecture, remembered our unique patient case, and later reached out to share what they learned!  VMP service is really the complete package.


Metabolic clinic staff


Just wanted to say... I am learning so very much from these cases. It's like being at SIMD-NAMA all over again. 


Clinical Genetics


We really enjoy working with you!  Thank you for spending time with us this morning thinking through how to better set up our patients for success.  You have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and I look forward to continuing to work with you.


Clinical Genetics and Medical Biochemical Genetics


It was good working with you the last weekend. It was pretty busy. Especially Saturday. Found your advice and recommendation very helpful and I was always able to reach you.

Dr B

Clinical Genetics



VMP has been invaluable to us, while we have searched and recruited a new physician. We will certainly keep you in mind if we need support in the future. 


Sr Admin | Dept of Pediatrics