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Education Services


The workforce crisis in biochemical genetics is real. There are simply not enough metabolic clinicians to address the clinical needs of this expanding patient population. This means that other physicians and health professionals are being forced to pick up the slack, but this strategy is not realistic since teaching about metabolic disease is generally woefully inadequate in medical schools and postgraduate training programs.


VMP's educational resources for clinicians and their trainees come from decades of hands-on experience and real-world insights. Our lectures, tutorials, webinars, and symposia reflect a progressive, innovative approach to teaching, engaging the audience to maximize knowledge acquisition and retention. 


Classically, lecturers impart information in a didactic fashion (i.e., speaker-to-audience teaching) that can be very dry to those who have grown up using multimedia and social media in their day-to-day lives. Acknowledging that people learn in a variety of different ways, and adapting our teaching methods accordingly, our goal is to increase the effectiveness and retention of the imparted knowledge.  As a result, at VMP we craft our educational offerings using a combination of passive and active learning approaches around the following principles:

  • Teaching that is practical, relevant to real-world situations, symptom-based, case-oriented, specialty-relevant, and adjusted appropriately to the audience
  • Approaches provided to help clinicians, at the bedside or in the clinic, investigate symptoms they see in their daily practices
  • Key take-away messages made clear and reinforced
  • Teaching that occurs in a variety of formats to maximize learning and interest
  • Diagnostic approaches that consider a range of disorders and prioritize treatable ones. As Professor Jean-Marie Saudubray (Paris) has taught us - "never miss a treatable disorder!"
  • Learning that is interactive so that participants apply the principles they have just learned to adapt clinical situations

We listen and develop our teaching approach around your needs. The following is but a sampling of tools we develop and deploy on our partner's behalf:

Invited Lectures

Prepared lectures for national or international meetings and society or foundation conferences are a standard request at VMP. The topics can be disease-oriented (informing about a specific condition), a tiered approach for investigating a specific symptom, or a case or series review. Presentations can also be styled to suit the needs of trainees preparing for a board examination. These are eligible for CME accreditation. Click here for more information.

Live Workshops

Groups of lectures, usually focused around symptoms relevant to a particular specialty, can be arranged at institutions or medical/professional schools or as satellite symposia at major specialty meetings. These are eligible for CME accreditation. Click here for more information.

Online Tutorials

Live lectures and workshops can be edited and styled to an online format that is guided by the user at his/her own speed. The interactive learning format need not be sacrificed, thereby ensuring a more engaging and successful educational experience. These are eligible for CME accreditation and effective for distance learning. 

Patient-Teacher Registry

This resource is intended for educators and clinicians who want to enhance their teaching about genetic metabolic disorders by including the patient's voice and perspective, whether it is a live presentation, in-person or remote (this site), or a recorded video clip (see our companion site “VMP Catalog of Patient Videos”).  Click here for more information.

Catalog of Metabolic Video Links

This resource is intended for educators and clinicians who want to enhance their teaching about genetic metabolic disorders by including a video clip of a patient discussing their disease from their perspective. Click here for more information.

Inservice Training

VMP designs comprehensive educational opportunities about inborn errors for our corporate colleagues, members of disease foundations, and others in the "metabolic community." The goal is to promote a better comprehension of these disorders by making complex information accessible and manageable. With more understanding comes better communication, more thoughtful planning, and more effective collaboration. Click here for more information.

Online Metabolism Electives & Online Courses

Online training with many eligible for CME accreditation.

At VMP, we believe that a health professional is more likely to recognize a diagnosis if s/he has seen a case before, so we developed the concept of the Online Metabolism Elective and Online Course. Traditionally, medical students and residents shadow physicians and specialists as a way of enhancing their training. Such experience provides the opportunity to see and hear from patients they might not otherwise see in their clinical rotations. We are currently filming real patients telling their stories. These recordings are being edited into segments reflecting different patient experience aspects. Metabolic clinicians at VMP will host online webinars in which specialty trainees and other professionals view together a patient story; as in the clinic, the host will discuss the case or the condition and take questions from the participants. And then... it’s on to the next patient! The cases within a particular elective are clustered around symptoms that target a particular specialty to ensure relevance. Click here for more information and schedule of upcoming events.